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    which stop the machine, robot & unwanted calls which can be harmful for your termination end

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    Our mission is to reduce international call rates, providing people with cheaper calls and helping them to communicate.


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AV Filter Switch

AoneVoice Developed advance Switch (AV Filter Switch) which stop the machine, robot and unwanted calls which can be harmful for your termination end.Now a days Termination provider and service provider using GSM Termination by taking facilities by network providers.These services are used by GSM Gateway.its demand have been increased due to maintaining the cost of services and competition. To ensure that Service providers enjoy a better experience, our developers and research team have been worked together from different location with help of many team members from different location to understand the criteria of stopping the unwanted, robot and machine calls.

We have great knowledge of SIP, RTP, RTCP, UDP protocols, machine learning and GSM fraud management methods. Our mission is to reduce international call rates, providing people with cheaper calls and helping them to communicate.We are doing additions in our AV Filter Switch on regular basis to perform better day by day as per location.Current rates of telecom operators are too high, and we are changing this situation by providing cheap rates with best voice quality.

  • Easy to use
  • Auto White & Black List Generation
  • RTP Verification
  • Block Robot Calls
  • Good ACD & ACR
  • No provisioning

How To Use

AoneVoice Filter Switch recognise the robot and machine calls through the rules mechanism and stop unwanted calls before to proceed and harm your gateway.In few days you will see its effect (around 15-20 days) because system take time to observe your traffic and make list of bad and right callers and callee and then it will start effect to decrease your SIM losses in GSM Terminations.
We have many scenarios there which we apply as per country/location wise effects.So in start we only offer the paid trail to every client (Minimum Charge) so that as per his own live feedback we can move with commercial plan only.
It will be deployed between your billing Softswitch and your Gateway.So once your Gateways will have actual traffic in proper way it will start effect positively.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the users charges or any change in calling Pattern by them ?
  • No any extra charge or any change will be apply at end user.
  • Any additional Server required or not ?
  • Yes AV filter will be deployed in our Dedicated server which will be implemented between your billing Switch and your Gateway.It will filter the traffic and pass actual calls only by managing to save your losses.
  • Does it support all GSM Gateways ?
  • Yes it support almost Gateways and if not then also we can run with other scenario.
  • Does it support retail traffic or Wholesale ?
  • It supports both but if traffic is retail it performance can be few better and if traffic is wholesale then we need to care few more and follow the instructions as per traffic and nature of traffic.
  • Can use Multiple GSM's Gateway or Client's traffic ?
  • Yes multiple GWs can be added with AV Filter Switch as well as many clients traffic can be taken too, but few precautions and set of instructions need to follow which will be shared by our technical team during live training and setup.


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